The Feelings Wheel

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Use The Feelings Wheel to get specific about what you’re feeling.

Our Feelings Wheel is a best seller. Designed from research on emotional labeling, this tool's six petals help you narrow down vocabulary words to pinpoint your current emotions. Printed on a heavy-duty laminate, it is durable while also flexible - just like you. 

For the many moments when you’re feeling overwhelmed by emotions, the Feelings Wheel comes in handy. Perhaps you’re sensing anxiety or struggling with a lack of motivation, and you just can’t figure out how to make yourself feel better. Taking a moment to be emotionally curious and name your feelings is a great place to start.

This tool is designed to go with you; keep it in your back pocket or in your bag. It’s the perfect size to fidget with in your parked car after work, an early morning train ride, or on your therapist’s couch.

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  • Build your feelings vocabulary
  • notice themes of reccuring emotions
  • increase rational thought
  • uncover hidden emotions

How it Works

Step 01

find your base emotion

Each petal on The Feelings Wheel represents a base emotion. Find the base that you feel best represents your current emotional state.

Step 02

narrow it down

On the same petal, look at the first row of words. As you read through the word bank, identify which one seems most accurate with the emotion you are experiencing.

Step 03

get specific

As you go up to the second row, you’ll be able to choose between more specific variations of emotions. You may have an 'ah-ha' moment when you find a word to accurately describe how you’re feeling.

After identifying your specific emotion, be sure to reflect on it. A couple options for processing this could include journaling about the feeling, talking with a friend, or taking notes to bring to your next therapy session.

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