your feelings, made tangible.

Emotions can be overwhelming, especially when we don’t know where they’re coming from. Naming what we feel can help.

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The Feelings Wheel

Use The Feelings Wheel to get specific about what you’re feeling

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The Body Sensations Wheel

Use The Body Sensations Wheel to connect physical sensations with emotions.

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The Needs Wheel

Use The Needs Wheel to identify what you need based on how you're feeling.

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How it works

Feel your Feels, Grab A Feelings Wheel

Are feelings of anxiety, sadness, and stress constantly crashing your party? We sometimes find ourselves in confusing moods, pointless arguments, and holding resentments that we don’t understand the reasons for. Unpack your feelings with The Feelings Wheel.

Step 1

Find your base emotion

Each petal on The Feelings Wheel represents a base emotion. Find the base that you feel best represents your current emotional state.

Step 2

Narrow it down

On the same petal, look at the first row of words. As you read through the word bank, identify which one seems most accurate with the emotion you are experiencing.

Step 3

Get specific

As you go up to the second row, you’ll be able to choose between more specific variations of emotions. You may have an 'ah-ha' moment when you find a word to accurately describe how you’re feeling.

Key Features

Simplify the Mess

Finding the right words to explain your feelings is so much easier when you’re holding a word bank in the palm of your hand.

Digital Doesn't Do it All

Take Feelings Found  anywhere you go. Don’t let low battery and weak Wi-Fi stop you from expressing yourself.

Keeping You Curious

Our tools help you think outside the box and unlearn old patterns, giving you new ways to talk about the hard stuff.

saying “I’m fine” stops here

Emotional exploration is important, but it isn’t the end. Our products work together to best leave you with emotional clarity and clear direction.

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Tangible, innovative tools for emotional exploration

The why

our mission is simple: we want to connect.

Connection is what gives life its heart and soul—like those moments when you share a laugh with a friend or lend a listening ear to someone who needs it. It's about understanding and being understood, a dance of empathy and vulnerability.

We believe that if we can get better at recognizing, understanding, and talking about our feelings, we can build stronger connections with each other. Let's embark on this journey together and discover how a little more emotional curiosity can lead to deeper, more meaningful connections in our lives.