The Body Sensations Wheel

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Use The Body Sensations Wheel to connect your physical sensations with your underlying emotions.

Our bodies often feel emotions before we even realize that we have them. We feel emotions in our heads, throats, stomachs, limbs, and every place in between. This can be particularly overwhelming when it feels like these sensations are happening for no apparent reason. Using The Body Sensations Wheel is a great way to start making sense of these sneakier feelings.

The Body Sensations Wheel is designed to help you connect your physical sensations with the underlying emotions you might not realize you’re feeling. Its design mirrors its sister tool, The Feelings Wheel, by offering a linear path that can help you narrow down broad concepts into simple, easy pieces. Printed on a heavy-duty laminate, it lasts even while your emotions wax and wane. 

The Body Sensations Wheel is perfect to use in therapy and on the go, for whenever you need a quick check-in with yourself!

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  • Uncover hidden feelings
  • Encourage rational thought through emotional labeling
  • Use physical sensations to guide emotional experiences
  • Simple somatic practice
  • Increase understanding of your body and emotions

How it Works

Step 01

Locate the sensation

Locate an area of your body that is experiencing a physical sensation. Then, find that body part on one of The Body Sensations Wheel's six petals (i.e. "whole body")

Step 02

Identify the sensation

Use the first row of words on the wheel to locate the specific sensation you're experiencing (i.e. "strong").

Step 03

Make the connection

Explore which emotions the sensation may be connected to in the second row (i.e. "empowered").

Be sure to reflect on your identified emotion and take note of patterns you notice, as well as considering if any coping skills are needed. Remember that everyone experiences emotions differently, so feel free to utilize the wheel as a starting point and diverge from the options provided.

Customer Reviews

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I love this practical tool to help clients identify their emotions! I work in the disordered eating space and helping clients understand what emotions they are experiencing can help them find coping tools to process/feel.

Alex H.
Practical and helpful!

The sensations wheel is so helpful in getting my clients to give practical working language to their experience- a great starting point for identifying a coping skill!

Kara Hensley

I ordered all three and they came quick and my clients (and I) are loving them!