The Needs Wheel

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If you had a nickel for every time someone asked "what do you need?" and you weren't sure how to answer, would you be rich?! If so, we have the perfect wheel for you! The Needs Wheel is a tool to make identifying what you need a bit easier. 

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Customer Reviews

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Great quality, very useful tool!

I'm a therapist and my clients love it!

Megan Fulmer

Beautiful and well done

Jess Fry
Aesthetically Pleasing and Insightful

As a body image therapist, I've used a print off from a google search to help clients explore their unmet needs when experiencing body image distress. I've had this needs wheel in my therapy office for two weeks so far and my clients LOVE it. (It's also SO MUCH more aesthetically pleasing than what I was previously using). It's received instant, positive feedback and has been used several times! Many of my clients asked where they can get one for themselves. Highly recommend!!

Chelsey Demick
Understanding Desires and Feelings

Helps you understand your desires that need to be fulfilled when you are feeling a certain type of way

Kelly Baker
Great Options for Moving Forward

I love the options on here, next time Im feeling some kind of way Ill check this for ideas on how to move forward