The Feelings Wheel

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The Recovery Box’s Feelings Wheel is a best seller. Designed from research on emotional labeling, this tool's six leaflets help you narrow down vocabulary words to pinpoint your current emotions.  

This tool was designed to go with you. Keep it in your back pocket or in your bag. It’s the perfect size to fidget with during therapy sessions as you work to build your feelings vocabulary and uncover hidden feelings. Printed on a heavy-duty laminate, it is durable while also flexible.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Helpful for my clients

Ordered more to give to clients as needed. Love it, simple to use.

Heather Marscheider
Enormous Value in Clinical Discussions

My clients and I love these wheels, including the body sensations and student feelings wheels. They add enormous value to our clinical discussions and give insights to clients that they didn't previously observe. I have found these to be particularly helpful especially with self-awareness and communication!

Jess Fry
Wheel for Recognizing Values

I've had this wheel in my therapy office for two weeks so far and my clients LOVE it. It's received instant, positive feedback and has been used several times! Many of my clients asked where they can get one for themselves. Highly recommend!!

Brandon Fielding
Great, but Size Could Be Improved

Great product, but too small. If it were twice the size, it would be perfect.

Allison Stolard
Convenient and Effective

Like that it is small so you can carry it in your purse