The Defusion Diary

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Distressing thoughts don't have to take over our mental space! 

The Defusion Diary is a notepad designed to be your companion as you explore, defuse, and take action on distressing thoughts. This notepad is a portable tool to keep in your back pocket, so you can work through sticky thoughts no matter when or where they pop up! 

How to use your Defusion Diary

  1. Keep nearby for when distressing thoughts arise
  2. Follow the journal's prompts and take and follow through on the actions you identified
  3. Revisit the thought you'd like to keep when needed 
  4. Process any patterns with your supports and/or your therapist

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ashley Dantzler
Perfect Thought-Challenging Worksheet

The perfect thought challenging worksheet!

Chelsey Demick
Emotional Release and Therapy Updates

Really helps you release the emotion and great for updates at therapy sessions

Rebecca Bailey
Understanding and Staying on Track

This a simple and useful way to get to the underlying needs and feelings of thoughts that ruminate and often times negatively impact us. I like that you tear-off the bottom part and keep the upper section because it's a great way to see patterns, to stay on track in recovery.

Jordyn Lee
Effective for Clients and Homework

I've been using this with several of my clients and sending them home with a page to use as reference for homework. I'm loving it!

recovery warrior
Thought-Awareness Game Changer

I absolutely love the defusion diary! It has really helped me be more aware of what is causing my thoughts and feelings, and then how to deal with them. Also, my favorite part about this diary is the perforated bottom half so that you can tear out your negative thoughts and only keep the thoughts that you want to keep and your action plan.