The Body Sensations Wheel

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Our bodies can feel emotions before we even recognize we’re feeling something, how amazing is that?!

The Body Sensations Wheel was designed to help you connect your physical sensations with the underlying emotions you might be feeling. Its design mirrors its sister tool, The Feelings Wheel, by offering a linear path that can help you narrow down broad concepts.The Body Sensations Wheel is perfect to use in therapy or to keep on you when you need a quick check-in with yourself! Printed on a heavy-duty laminate, so it lasts even while your emotions wax and wane.

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing for Neurodivergents and those trying to connect back into their body.

I LOVE this wheel and many of the others that The Recovery Box offers. I was introduced to this tool by my therapist and have been using it in sessions with her and in my own life to aid me in recognizing what my body is trying to tell me. As an Autistic and ADHD human, my body felt foreign to me and my brain. This has helped me SO much.

I also offer this as a tool to my own clients in the Spiritual Coaching space. Many are trying to do shadow work and are unsure what to do or how to start and I ask them to get into their body and allow it to lead. What is coming up where and what emotions is that. This wheel is a PERFECT tool for them because it really gives you a pathway to understand what is happening. Thank you so much for these incredible tools.

Ashley Dantzler
A Week of Helpful Emotion Identification

I LOVE this product. Ive only been using it a week, and it has been so helpful for my clients that have trouble identifying emotions based on the way their body feels.

Jess Fry
Sparking Insightful Discussions

I've had the body sensations wheel in my therapy office for two weeks so far and my clients LOVE it. It's received instant, positive feedback and has been used several times, and sparked really insightful discussions in sessions! Many of my clients asked where they can get one for themselves. Highly recommend!!

Allison Stolard
Effective Communication Tool

Like that it is small so you can carry it in your purse and it does a good job of helping people communicate their needs when they have different feelings

David Boyajian
Great Resource, Slightly Smaller Than Expected

Great resource, just a little smaller than I expected, but otherwise very helpful for identifying psychosomatic connections.